Audi Custom Ordering FAQ

How to Custom-Order a 2023 Audi

At a time of global vehicle shortages and changing production schedules, it might seem like it would be challenging to get the 2023 Audi model you really want. But when you place a Custom Order through us at Audi Mechanicsburg, your 2023 Audi is very much within reach. Custom ordering is a process many of our valued customers in Harrisburg and Hershey, PA aren't familiar with, so here are some basic guidelines on how it works.

What exactly is a 2023 Audi Custom Order?

While it may seem too good to be true, you can work with our dealership to develop a "Wish List" of all your ideal 2023 Audi specifications - the exact model you want, the colors, the powertrain, the features. Once we confirm the availability of all the specs you want, we can place an Audi Custom Order that authorizes the Audi factory to build the 2023 Audi you want. It's the ultimate personalization and it's available through us.

The first step: Get better acquainted with our 2023 Audi models

If you're a customer of Audi Mechanicsburg, you may know the Audi vehicle lineup even beyond the Audi model you drive every day. Your interest in ordering a 2023 Audi might simply be to get the latest edition of the Audi you're already driving. However, you might be intrigued with some of the other vehicles in the Audi family, or a new Audi model you've heard about for 2023. If so, we encourage you to research the one you want online.

Consider our dealership your key to a 2023 Audi Custom Order

While there isn't an avenue for consumers to place an order for a custom-built vehicle on their own, working with us at Audi Mechanicsburg, you can place a Custom Order for a 2023 Audi and get just what you're looking for. You are, of course, welcome to work with us on your Custom Order in person. If so, you'll enjoy the 20-minute drive from Harrisburg on PA-641 or the 33-minute drive from Hershey on US-322.

Is there a large extra charge for Custom Ordering a new Audi?

In a word, "No." In fact, there's no extra charge at all when you do a Custom Order with us at Audi Mechanicsburg. Whether you want to order a 2023 Audi Q5 luxury compact SUV, a 2023 Audi Q7 or an Audi A5 Sportback, we don't charge you anything above the final selling price. This is a service we're happy to offer our wonderful customers in communities like York and Hanover PA to help you get the Audi you want most.

If you place your Custom Order in person, here's what else you'll enjoy in Mechanicsburg

You can Custom Order entirely from home, working with us online and by phone. But we would love to have you visit us and let us help you with your order in person. If you make the short drive to Mechanicsburg, you might want to visit the Williams Grove Speedway with a cool dirt track that's fun for the kids. You might want to visit one of our welcoming local churches like Vibrant and get fresh produce at the Paulus Farm Market.

Other ways to get exactly the Audi you're looking for

If time is of the essence, a potentially faster way to get the right Audi model is to complete our Audi Car Finder. Once you do, we'll be in touch to help expedite the process. Or you can reserve one of our Audi In-Transit models. These are Audi vehicles on their way to our dealership and you can put your name on one before it even arrives. Ask us about all the ways to get the Audi you want most at Audi Mechanicsburg in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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