Audi Mechanicsburg Staff

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  • Dan Sunderland
    Owner and President

  • Klare Sunderland
    Company Founder; 1934-2013

  • Steven Baun
    General Manager / Audi Sales Manager
    717-691-3333 x1503

    As the General Manager with Audi Mechanicsburg & Sun Motor Cars Porsche, I'm excited every day to represent these fine automobiles and the staff here at Sun Motor Cars! With over 20 years' experience in the automotive business, I still feel the passion of the brands we sell & service. The passion for the brands and the ability to service the clients of Central Pennsylvania at the top level is such a pleasure every day!  An important component of my daily life is also to give back to the community. Both as an individual and as a General Manager with Sun Motor Cars, I strive to reach back to people in need and make a we all can! My automotive roots run long and deep with the Porsche brand, as I have driven, raced and taught drivers education for over 25 years. Driving these fine automobiles in a track environment with our clients is a hoot for both them and myself. Dedication, passion and a winning strategy to do the best I can both personally and with the dealership...offering the best sales and service team in the industry. Enjoy!

  • Dominic Caporale
    Audi Sales Manager
    717-691-3333 x1506

    As the Sales Manager of Audi Mechanicsburg, I am focused on providing exceptional customer service and the highest quality pre-owned vehicles for our clients. I have been in the automotive industry for over 12 years and joined the Sun Motor Cars team in 2011 as an Audi Brand Specialist. In 2013, I moved into the pre-owned management role and then became Sales Manager in 2018.

    I love sports and outdoor activities. In 2012, I helped form the Audi Mechanicsburg cycling team. We host a charity event every year and participate in local charity events during the riding season. 

  • Alem Imamovic
    Audi PreOwned Manager
    717-691-3333 x1509

    My name is Alem Imamovic and I am the Audi PreOwned Manager here at Sun Motors of Mechanicsburg.  I'm originally from Bosnia, and moved to the United States in 1997.  I am married and have three beautiful girls.  In my spare time, when I'm not working at Sun Motors, I enjoy motorcycle riding, music, cooking, and spending time with my family.

    I have seven years of experience in the automotive industry.  I enjoy working because I have a passion for cars.  With this passion I offer to you my expertise and resourcefulness to ensure your next car ownership experience is second to none.

    Becoming an Audi PreOwned Manager takes a commitment from myself to show my eagerness to have exceptional knowledge, not only of the Audi brand but also the entire automotive industry.

  • Andrew Maneval
    F & I Manager
    717-691-3333 x1520

    Andrew Maneval has been with Sun Motor Cars since 2013.  He has been representing the Audi Brand since November 2017.

  • LeAnna Cherewka
    Audi eBusiness Manager
    717-691-3333 x1529

    Hi!  My name is LeAnna Cherewka (Hultquist) and I am the Internet Coordinator for Audi Mechanicsburg since July 2014.  I was born and raised in Yardley, PA with me being one of six children.  We were definitely a car and sports family.    Therefore, it was only fitting for me to be a part of the family here at Audi Mechanicsburg.  I love being a part of this family since Audi continues to show why they are truly the leaders in engineering.  

    When I am not here at Audi Mechanicsburg, you can probably find me on a soccer field.  I have been around soccer my whole life.  I was blessed to have won a Pennsylvania State Championship in high school at Pennsbury HS and then was able to play at the highest level in college at Robert Morris University.  I recently retired from being a professional soccer trainer for Super Nova F.C. here in Central Pennsylvania to spend more time with my family: husband (Mike), daughter (Tegan), and our two awesome Border Collies (Drogba and Chloe).   


  • Brandon Wheaton
    Audi Brand Specialist
    717-691-3333 ext 1524

    Hi! My name is Brandon Wheaton and I am an Audi Brand Specialist here at Audi of Mechanicsburg.  I am from the area and have been here since I was born.  I graduated in 2007 from Cumberland Valley High School and went on to Rider University for a degree in secondary education and music.  All through my childhood and college I played soccer at a pretty high level until I injured my knee my sophomore year of college.  After having surgery and going through physical therapy, I realized my dream of playing on the "big stage" were done. So "what next" you might ask.  Good Question, I didn't know either!  I soon fell into an industry that taught me everything I know about sales but it wouldn't stick with me.  In 2012, I started working here at Audi Mechanicsburg and stayed for about 2 years until taking a bit of a hiatus for a year and a half.  I eventually came back and realized what I was missing and what my true passion is.  I could go on for days about my life story but I only have so much room!  If you want to know anything else or just talk about cars, sports, food, really anything, come see me!

  • Josh Claypool
    Audi Brand Specialist
    717-691-3333 x1505

    Hello I'm Josh Claypool, Employed at Sun Motor Cars since 2009 as Brand Ambassador for Porsche and Audi.  I enjoy golfing, woodworking, and amateur meteorology.  If you would like to stop in to chat about Porsche, Audi or any other interesting topic, feel free to do so. Thanks!

  • Joseph Caretti
    Audi Brand Specialist
    717-691-3333 x1501

    Joseph Caretti has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since 2012.

  • Ian Abendschoen
    Audi Brand Specialist
    717-691-3333 x1522

    My name is Ian Abendschoen and I am local to the area and a graduate of York Suburban High School. In my personal life I have been playing ice hockey since a young age which has assisted in foundational team building skills and professionalism. I am a huge Philly sports fan and most importantly Flyers fan! When I am not at Sun Motor Cars, I enjoy spending my time with my family, car detailing, following multiple Audi Motorsport platforms, playing with Haute cuisine cooking and artisanal bread baking. I invite you in anytime to talk if it is related to cars, cooking or just say hello!

    I am new to the industry and bring an immense passion for the Audi brand with its rich motorsport heritage and commitment to forward thinking and innovations on and off the track all of which culminate with my professionalism and integrity.

    Over my 10 plus years of experience with patient care I have learned valuable listening skills which will allow me to understand my client's needs and create memorable experience in matching the right vehicle for you. As an Audi Brand Specialist for Audi Mechanicsburg, I am excited to provide world class customer service and knowledge of the vehicles we offer at the expectation you will find in the core values that we are dedicated to achieving as shown in being multiple award winners of the Magna Society Award.  

    Ian has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since October 2017.

  • Scot Jones
    Audi Brand Specialist
    717-691-3333 ext 1508

    Hello, my name is Scot Jones and I have been with Sun Motor Cars Automotive Group since April 2013.  I have been in the car business for close to 10 years now.  After selling Mercedes-Benz for close to 4 years I left the car business for about a year.  It's great to be back and I'm now working as an Audi Brand Specialist for Audi Mechanicsburg, A Sun Motor Cars Dealership.  When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and going to the beach in the summer time. I like meeting new people and always interested in talking about cars.  Feel free to give me a call or stop by and say hello, I look forward to working with you.  Thanks!

    Scot Jones has been with Sun Motor Cars, 
    representing the Audi brand, since January 2018.

  • Audra Graves
    Audi Brand Specialist
    717-691-3333 ext 1507

    Audra Graves has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since November 2016.

  • Bill Deardorff
    Service Manager
    717-691-3333 x1545

    I became a member of the Sun Motor Cars family in November 2007. I have been with Audi Mechanicsburg and Sun Motor Cars Porsche a combined total of 24 years.

  • Jon Yetter
    Audi Service Manager
    717-691-3333 x1523

    Hello, my name is Jon Yetter. I have been with the Sun Motor Cars organization for nearly 20 years after moving to the Harrisburg area from the Poconos. I have a diverse background that started as a Porsche master guild technician. As I worked my way through the ranks of shop foreman, service advisor, and service manager I have developed many long term relationships and friendships with my clients. Today, I am proud to work for this wonderful organization and I am absolutely fascinated by the engineering used to design and produce these phenomenal vehicles.


    In addition to my passion for automobiles, I am also passionate about my family. My family and I enjoy taking time to enjoy the outdoors through autocrossing, hunting, camping, and conservation. Whether it is snowboarding, hunting, fishing, camping, or shooting we are always longing for the time to be outdoors. I also love the Philadelphia Eagles and excited that they are now Super Bowl Champions!

  • Josh Deardorff
    Service Advisor
    717-691-3333 ext 1536

    I have been in the automotive industry for 16 years and with Sun Motor Cars for 10 years.  I am a Certified Service Advisor for both Audi and Porsche. I enjoy family time, finger painting, and croquet. 

  • Stephen Tilley
    Audi Service Advisor
    717-691-3333 ext 1532

    Stephen Tilley has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since June 2018.

  • Sara Nellis
    Transportation Coordinator
    717-691-3333 ext 1534

    Sara Nellis has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since August 2017.

  • Ryan Mesure
    Audi Parts Manager
    717-691-3333 x1555

    My name is Ryan and I am originally from the Philadelphia area. I have worked for Audi Mechanicsburg for 8 years and as the Parts Manager for the last 4 years. I enjoy being in the automotive business, the technology is always changing.  Audi Mechanicsburg is always on the forefront of bringing the newest advancements into the Service department.


    I started in the automotive business taking pictures of our cars for our company's internet site.  During that time I got to drive many models and types of vehicles.  I found the performance and technology in Germany highline cars are second to none.  Each model year they keep pushing it farther.


    In my time out of the dealership I enjoy going on day trips with my wife, and spending time with our two dogs.  I am also a diehard Philadelphia Flyers fan. 

  • Brandon Pannebaker
    Audi Parts Advisor
    717-691-3333 ext 1551

    Brandon Pannerbaker has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since September 2016.

  • Nicholas Lieberman
    Service/Parts Assistant

    Nicholas Lieberman has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since April 2018.

  • Wes Green
    Audi Certified Technician
    717-691-3333 x1532

    Wes Green has been with Sun Motor Cars since November 2007.  He has been working on Audi vehicles for over 32 years.

  • Jasko Kostjerevac
    Audi Certified Technician

    Jasko Kostjerevac has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since December 2007.

  • Vedran Glisic
    Audi Certified Technician

    Vedran Glisic has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since June 2008.

  • Cody Sulzer
    Audi Certified Technician

    Cody Sulzer has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since June 2009.

  • Cory Gehman
    Audi Certified Technician

    Cory Gehman has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since August 2013.

  • Jonathan Doncheski
    Audi Certified Techician

    Jonathan Doncheski has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since October 2014.

  • Catie Weiss
    Audi Technician

    Catie Weiss has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since July 2015.

  • Dominic Albano
    Audi Techician

    Dominic Albano has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since July 2015.

  • Kevin Cosgrove
    Audi Techician

    Kevin Cosgrove has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since June 2016.

  • Billy Hobart
    Recondition Manager

    Billy Hobart has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Audi brand, since April 2009.

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