Luxury Brand Showdown: Audi vs. BMW & Mercedes-Benz


Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are the big three of the European luxury vehicle manufacturing world. They make very high quality products, and they have excellent records for reliability. These brands are always innovating to bring you the latest features, but Audi has been pulling ahead in recent years.

Focusing on Comfort Features

To learn why Audi is growing in popularity, we should look at what each of these brands focuses on. BMW is focused on making the ultimate driving machine. This was a great ethos to have when everyone wanted a small nimble sports car to commute in, but SUVs are dominating the luxury automotive market now.

People want something with comfort and room for the whole family. Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, has done a better job of getting with the times. Both of these automotive manufacturers have shifted their whole lineups to include as many SUVs as possible.

New Audi Q3 SUV

Audi is in a unique position in all of this. The reason that SUVs are becoming increasingly popular in the York PA area is because of their practicality and comfort. Most BMW and Mercedes have always focused on making their lineups rear-wheel-drive, and then having all-wheel-drive as an option on select models.

Audi is the only one that has focused on AWD for their entire lineup. This means that Audi will increase its production of SUVs, but they can also continue to develop new wagon and Sportback models. These models may offer the same practicality and performance as the competition SUVs, for less money or with more luxury.

New Audi A4

Audi Styling on Top

Audi has been dominant when it comes to styling in the last decade as well. While all of these manufacturers make excellent luxury vehicles that anyone would want to cruise around Hanover, PA in, Audi has been the trendsetter consistently.

Audi started its reign of design dominance when they released the 2008 R8. The R8 was a design masterpiece that has influenced the entire automotive world since its inception. We can thank the R8 for making LED daytime running lights popular, and for making massive grilles mandatory for any performance vehicles.

Advanced Technology

In the latest generation of vehicles, Audi has been creating new technology that the other manufacturers are just now starting to embrace. They were the first ones to do a fully configurable digital dash with the Virtual Cockpit. They have also popularized the minimization of performance vehicle interiors with the R8 and the TT.

Audi was not the first automotive maker to try the Sportback design, but the A7 line of vehicles sold the entire world on large hatchbacks. It seems like no matter what Audi does, they will always be hitting home runs. When you look at what Audi offers as the entire product, it is easy to see why they are becoming so popular so quickly. They give you the best tech and the best quality for the best price.

Audi also has a huge support network backed by one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. This is the type of peace of mind that people would have loved to have a few decades ago.

Choose Audi Mechanicsburg

Audi is a legitimate player that has pulled ahead of the competition by making the best products and continuing to innovate.

Audi makes the most capable vehicles for dealing with anything that Harrisburg can throw at them. Their vehicles are made to be driven year-round. Our team at Audi Mechanicsburg, serving Hershey, can show you more of the benefits of Audi's new lineup. They can also help you find the Audi vehicle of your dreams in our inventory.