Going through the process of buying a vehicle is always an exciting time. When you are going to purchase a car, one great option to consider is the Audi A6, which is a top-rated midsize luxury sedan. There are a variety of reasons why Harrisburg and Hershey consumers continue to choose this sedan option. Today, there are many great features with used models that can provide you with a great overall driving experience.

Engine Performance

While the engine performance of an Audi can, the A6 continues to be well known for its strong engine performance options. In the 2019 model year and some prior model years, the A6 came standard with a four-cylinder engine that produced an impressive 250 horsepower. Those that are looking for more performance can look for a used model that has a V6 engine that will produce more than 330 horsepower, which gives a substantial performance boost for your commute to York, PA.

Comfortable and Stylish Features

Another reason Hanover, PA customers continue to consider the A6 a popular option is because of the interior features. The A6 has always been one of the most stylish and impressive sedan vehicles. When getting a new or used A6, you can normally expect to receive some high-tech features, including a touchscreen display, an enhanced audio system, and other features that are very impressive compared to other vehicles in the same class.

Safety Features

There are also many safety features in the A6. This includes a rearview camera, emergency braking systems, and blind-spot monitoring. All of these features help to give drives with a very safe overall driving experience. Due to this, the A6 has routinely received very positive ratings from both the IIHS and the NHTSA.

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