How many times has it happened to you: You're out on your shopping date in Harrisburg or Hanover, PA. You're looking for a place to park. You a spot right in front of your favorite store. It's fate. But the other cars are too close to the line, or you can't seem to get the right angle to hug the curb because of traffic. Audi of Mechanicsburg has seen this happen way too many times. But seldom in an Audi. That's because Audi drivers have the Audi Park Assist technology helping them out.

So, what is Audi Park Assist technology? In short, it is the way Audi wants to take the headache of parking your car. The technical answer is: it is a series of ultrasonic sensors that detect obstacles in your path, as you attempt to claim your rightfully-earned parking spot. But it isn't limited to pulling into confined spots. It can also get you out.

How Audi Park Assist Works

Say you're searching for a metered spot along the street in Hershey or a mall in York, PA. Slowly you creep along, hoping someone will pull out in time for you to steal their spot. The sensors and backup camera will detect a spot it feels you can safely claim. It measures the spots along the road and will send you a message, via the MMI display. You accelerate a little, shift gears, like reverse for parallel parking and brake. Then, you let your Audi take over. It will maneuver itself into, back and forth, into the spot. You just control the brake and throttle. After that you carry on with your day.

The Audi Park Assist system works to warn you of objects that may stand in the way of you and your parking victory. Objects like, another car's bumper, a parking meter, mailbox or trashcan. Items that may hide beyond the scope of your backup camera or rearview mirror. Audi Park Assist takes the guess work out of your shopping experience. The hardest part will be deciding which items you really need and which you can put back on the shelf. Put Audi Park Assist to work for you. Talk to the team at Audi of Mechanicsburg to find the right model with Park Assist for your family.

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