How Does the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Work on the Audi RS 3?

Along with powerful cars like the Audi RS 3 comes the responsibility to drive cautiously. The temptation to take curves on the highway or corners in Mechanicsburg, PA is a real one. Cars with seemingly unlimited power and the ability to take turns at higher speeds than others are empowering. To adjust to the tendency to use a vehicle o its fullest potential, even in a low-speed situation, Audi installed the ESP in the RS 3.

The ESP monitors the intended direction of the driver through the position of the steering wheel. When a difference between the expected direction and the actual path is detected, the ESP takes control by automatically braking the affected wheels and sending corrected instructions to the steering mechanism.

At Audi Mechanicsburg, our certified technicians monitor the times your ESP has activated through your computer memory and analyze if there are any malfunctioning parts.

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