Sturdy Wipers in The Winter

Before the colder temperatures of winter settle in, it's a good idea to change your windshield wipers to winter blades. They are often a bit stronger than the blades that you have on your car in the summer. Since they are stronger, it's usually easier for them to tackle snow and ice that form on your windshield.

Most winter wiper blades have an insulated shell to protect them from the colder temperatures. The shell can also protect the blades from getting cracked due to snow and ice. Winter blades often have a coated edge that gives a bit more flexibility while the wipers are in use.

Winter blades usually have synthetic material on them so that they don't freeze. The frame on the blades is sturdy compared to a lightweight blade that is used in the summer. You'll also find that winter blades usually have protection to keep snow and ice from clogging.

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