Servicing Your Car for the Back-to-School Run

The days before the kids go back to school are exciting and sometimes a bit stressful. Don't forget your car in all of the preparations; as your main mode of transport, it's imperative to keep it running reliably.

In addition to regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, topping up the fluids and replacing filters, you can have your tires rotated or put on a set appropriate for the coming winter months. Consult your owner's manual for advice on when to conduct minor and major services so you'll know when it's time to have an in-depth inspection of your engine components. Keeping a bin with emergency items in it permanently in your car is another great idea. Jumper cables, flares, protein bars, water, and a flashlight can all come in handy if you end up stranded.

We're here to help you get your car ready for the new school year with certified parts and qualified mechanics. Schedule your minor or major service with Audi Mechanicsburg in Mechanicsburg, PA today.

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