Good Drivers Know When to Move Over

At Mechanicsburg, PA's Audi Mechanicsburg, we want to help you be an informed, safe driver. Let's focus today on Move Over Laws. They save lives.

In 1996, South Carolina was the first American state to pass a Move Over Law. Other members of the United States followed suit in subsequent years. Today, every state in the union has such a law. While one state's law is worded differently from another's, they all expect you to merge over one lane as you pass any dangerous roadside situation. If you cannot move over when approaching a traffic stop, accident or breakdown, then you must reduce your speed significantly.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with Move Over Laws in every state where you drive. Proceeding past roadside dangers without merging or slowing can result in a ticket. Many states also impose severe fines or jail terms for infractions that result in damage.

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