Apple CarPlay Makes Driving Fun

Apple CarPlay is a convenient way to access all your favorite iPhone apps in your vehicle. It is becoming more prevalent as a standard feature in many new vehicles and will probably continue to do so. With Apple CarPlay, you can use your phone in a hands-free environment and always be connected.

Having all your phone apps on your vehicle's display screens is a great asset. With CarPlay, you can access your email, messages, phone service, maps, and many other apps. Apple Maps is a great navigational tool, which you can control with Siri's voice controls. Maps will access your personal data to predict destinations and will display the speed limits. Messaging while driving is safe and convenient because you only have to speak to Siri, and the message will be sent.

We here at Audi Mechanicsburg are very familiar with all that Apple CarPlay can accomplish for you. Come in today and take one of our CarPlay enabled vehicles for a test drive around Mechanicsburg, PA, and you will be impressed with this fun technology.

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