Audi Continues to Innovate

Audi A3

Functionality meets Design

Audi is no stranger to innovation, whether it be through design or mechanics. But by far the best, is when Audi is able to bring the two together. And that’s exactly what Audi has done with the MMI.

The MMI is Audi’s answer to the need for control. With the MMI you can manage an array of systems including entertainment, navigation, and even ride dynamics. You’ll get a better sense of control with the MMI. Not only is the MMI functional, but it looks refined and luxurious. Its intuitive design allows for ease-of-use. It’s an operating system designed with the driver in mind, and gives you a range of functionality right at the tip of your finger.

The MMI system is available in various Audi models, but we think it pairs perfectly with the 2018 Audi A5. The A5 is made for driving and the navigation help from the MMI will only make the experience better. If you have an interest in a new model Audi, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

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