The Audi A6 has the Tech Features You are Looking For

The Audi A6 is a popular full-size luxury sedan that is made just for someone like you. Tech is something that excites you, and this sedan gives you access to the tech features that you are seeking.

You are focused on the road when you are driving and you do not like looking down or to the side to check what speed you are driving at. The Audi A6 has the power to display your speed on the windshield in front of you. When you turn on music in your car, you want that music to fully surround you. The Audi A6 is set up with fourteen speakers.

Come by Audi Mechanicsburg to take a look at the inventory that we have available and to learn more about the Audi A6. Our team will show you any vehicle you like, and we would love to get you out on the streets of Mechanicsburg, PA to test drive a new Audi A6.



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