What is the Audi Park Assist Feature?

Utilize Park Assist for a Stress-Free Parking Experience

Have you ever been stressed out about parking in tight parking lots? Who hasn’t? With Audi’s Park Assist feature, those worries go out the window. This feature utilizes ultrasound sensors that scan for a parking space when you are driving around the parking lot.

This feature not only makes finding a parking spot a breeze, it also will help you park your vehicle. To learn how that works, check out our analysis below

What Does Park Assist Do?

Once you have found a spot and you have begun reversing, this feature will take over the steering portions. The only thing that you need to do is stop and go. It performs all of the steering functions with the help of electromechanical steering.

It can also park in parallel parking spots for you. It is ideal that the space is about three feet longer than the vehicle. If the system deems it necessary then it will also make multiple maneuvers to ensure that there is no collision or damage during parking.

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